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Biker loses part of his leg after being hit by a car

May is motorcycle safety awareness month. But that does not mean that drivers are actually listening to the call to “look twice and save a life.” Thankfully Hunter Walker didn’t lose his life in a crash in Mobile, Alabama Wednesday. But he did lose almost half of his leg.

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Biker gunned down on Jersey highway in road rage attack

3 men from Pennsylvania are locked up for trying to murder a motorcycle rider on a New Jersey highway. NJ state police say the biker and the three men had an argument that led to the gunfire. Police say the men rolled up beside the motorcycle and shot the biker.

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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Horrifying moment distracted driver plows over biker

It turns out distracted driving isn’t a uniquely American problem. And that danger translates to trouble in all kinds of languages. A video tweeted by Abu Dhabi police is a frightening reminder of that.

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No rally? No problem: Bikers expected to swarm South Carolina despite COVID cancellation

Another big bike rally canceled because of COVID-19. But that’s not stopping riders from rolling into Atlantic Beach, South Carolina this weekend. The police department is still expecting a lot of bikes and riders to show up even though the city put the brakes on the official Bikefest event.

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Cops called on boys for burglary and what police found demanded action… positive action

PENSACOLA, Fla. (BIKER DAD) —Neighbors called the cops on these boys in Pensacola, Florida. But what the cops found there was a big surprise. The quickly realized something needed to

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