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Driverless car out of control in bike lane caught on camera

AUSTIN, TX  Austin-area cyclist Robert Foster already knows to ride defensively. The rider told Fox 7 Austin that he already assumes every car is dangerous and gives them a wide berth. But even the

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Biker busted: He left cops in the dust, then posted the video to TikTok

Georgia State Patrol pursued a motorcycle through Henry and Clayton County and ultimately lost contact with the vehicle. After hearing about the chase, Lieutenant Reimers began searching social media and was

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Man charged with killing Alabama biker

A man from the town of Southside in Alabama is charged with manslaughter in the death of a biker. Drigelio Sarmiento of Rainbow City was killed in the crash. Witnesses

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New Hampshire firefighter killed in motorcycle crash

HUDSON, NH — A firefighter was killed in a motorcycle crash Monday night in Hudson. The victim was identified as firefighter and paramedic Todd J. “Woody” Berube, 48, a member

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Knoxville woman celebrates 105th birthday with motorcycle ride

 Helen Akard retired from Regions Bank at 93 and spent 70 years as a loan officer. Now, the Knoxville woman spends her days waiting on adventures as she celebrated her

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