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(BIKER DAD) — My review: Cell phone mounts by Ram Mounts.

These days our phones are everything. When it comes to riding, I like to have mine in view and at my fingertips. I do this not only for directions, but to also play music in my earbuds while riding.

When I went hunting for a good mount, I found Ram Mounts at Cycle Gear. I’ve been using them ever since. After years of riding with my phone secured by the Ram Mount, I haven’t lost one yet. They aren’t perfect, and I’ll get into that a bit too. But they are the best I’ve found so far when it comes to safety, convenience and ease of use.

Review: Cell phone mounts by Ram Mounts. What I like

I like that they are easily installed with simple hardware and no tools. Buy the claw mount Ram Mount by clicking the picture above and you will not need any tools to install it in less than a minute. I don’t recommend the one specifically marketed to handlebars. More on that later. You can quickly put your phone on the mount, and just as quickly take it off.

The x-wing looking mount simply spreads apart. You put your phone in it. Then let go and it grabs the phone. Rubber pads keep the phone in place and keep your case from being scratched.

RAM X-Grip Phone Mount with RAM Snap-Link Tough-Claw

If I need to quickly pick my phone up at a stop light for a moment, it’s easy to grab. It’s easy to put it right back as well. There is also a rubber net that reaches around to secure the phone even more. In my case I have a fairing that keeps the wind from blowing the phone out of the mount. Also I have the iPhone 12 ProMax which does not fit well into the extra feature. It really only works with smaller phones.

Again, most importantly, I’ve never lost my phone. I’ve ridden all over the country with my phone on the handlebars, even in rain and other bad weather. I’ve been through many phones over the years. But I still have the same Ram Mount.

Review: Cell phone mounts by Ram Mounts. What could be better

There are a few things that stand out as areas of improvement to me. Although I’ve never had to replace the mount, I have lost many of the little rubber pads. They come off too easily and are small. So when the do come off, you often can’t find them.

As noted above, the rubber netting doesn’t work for larger phones. This isn’t really an issue if you have a windshield or fairing. But it may be an issue if you roll with the wind in your face. They do however sell replacements for bigger phones.

The one specifically marketed for handlebars requires tools to install. It can also scratch your paint or chrome because it’s metal on metal. The claw version is secure and comes off easily. If I enter my bike in a show for example, I don’t want the mount there throwing off the vibe of my custom bike. I can quickly remove the claw version and throw it in the bags. When it’s time to roll. It goes back on just as easily.

Would I buy it again?

Yes. I have not come across anything that is better than what I use this mount for. I did buy a second one for my little Yamaha scooter.

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