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BONDUEL, Wis. (BIKER DAD)–Maybe he just got tired of being in a cage, like us bikers.

But a giant gator decided to take a stroll from “Doc’s Zoo.” The zoo happens to be at Doc’s Harley Davidson in Bonduel, Wisconsin. Four gators live there. But it was the elderly Rex who managed to get out of his enclosure and go for a road trip. The zoo posted about it on their Facebook page, “the missing gator, is very old & has severe arthritis in his jaws making it very difficult to open his mouth more than an inch. He’s typically very docile & is not a danger to the public. Extensive search efforts have continued since his disappearance.”

The zoo later posted that Rex was found and is home safe. Doc’s owner told Fox 11 in Milwaukee that Rex wasn’t very dangerous. He is old, not athletic and has arthritis in his jaw. He also pointed out Rex has never had to hunt for his own food and probably doesn’t know how.

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