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LlANO, TX (BIKER DAD)– Do you remember that scene from Wild Hogs where they roll into a tiny town and immediately strike fear into the hearts of the citizens? The townsfolk mistake weekend warriors played by Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy for members of the notorious “Del Fuegos” Motorcycle Club. That is exactly the stereotype the police in Llano Texas want to avoid

They posted on Facebook alerting his citizens that 300 members of the Gypsy motorcycle club would be rolling into town for the Memorial day weekend. And he urged them not to be alarmed, “we are expecting approximately 300 riders. The club has been here before and has never caused any issues, so please do not be alarmed by the large presence of motorcycles in the area.”

In fact, the post goes as far as to ask the townsfolk to have the bikers’ backs, “we do ask everyone to please be alert and extra cautious when traveling due to the amount of motorcycle traffic in the area during this event.”

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