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MOLINE, IL (BIKER DAD) –Drivers like the guy caught in the video above are what makes our motorcycle passion dangerous. It also is an ongoing danger to our law enforcement officers on the roads.

The video is pretty insane. It shows an Illinois State Trooper wrapping up a traffic stop when all hell breaks loose. A green Jeep slams into the rear of the cruiser, flips several times and bursts into flames. “I’ve been hit,” the state trooper can be heard on the video. Thankfully her injuries were not life threatening.

The driver of the Jeep somehow survived the harrowing crash, but is now facing a ton of charges including a law in Illinois that targets just this kind of driving. It’s called Scott’s Law and adds extra penalties for drivers who do not slow down and move over for emergency vehicles. This cruiser should have been highly visible. The lights were blazing.

But that doesn’t mean much when you’re drunk and behind the wheel. And that’s just one of the charges Matthew Scherer, 55, is facing. He’s also charged with Failure to Reduce Speed to Avoid an Accident, Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle, Improper Lane Usage, Failure to Wear a Seatbelt, and Driver’s License Not on Person. That’s on top of the DUI and Scott’s Law violations.

Troopers say, “in 2021, there have been 13 ISP squad cars struck in relation to Scott’s Law and nine Troopers have sustained injuries from Scott’s Law-related crashes. The ISP would like to remind the public of the requirements of Scott’s Law, otherwise known as the “Move Over” law. When approaching an emergency vehicle, or any vehicle with their hazard lights activated, drivers are required to slow down and change lanes when it is safe to do so.

“ISP Troopers throughout the state risk their lives daily to keep our roadways safe,” stated District 7 Commander Captain Jason Dickey. “These crashes are completely preventable, and I am asking the public to avoid putting the lives of others at risk by making responsible choices when behind the wheel; Always drive sober and move over when you approach a stationary vehicle on the side of the road,” stated District 7 Commander, Captain Jason Dickey.

I would argue the same applies for looking out for motorcycles.

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