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NEVADA (BIKER DAD)–A Minivan flips on a highway. It’s all caught on camera. Now state police are urging drivers to slow down. The video is wild. Nevada State Police posted it on their Facebook page.

The video shows traffic on the highway speeding along despite wet roads. “We sure are happy to take a break from this heat 🥵 and get some rain 🌧, but we ask that everyone please slow down while driving in these wet roadway conditions,” the post saus.

Police highlight the shoulder showing a vehicle’s tires kicking up water from the runoff. But the real action is in the background. It’s about to get crazy. You see a minivan somersault over the median barrier. It looks like a scene out of an action movie. Then, somehow the van lands on its tires. It spins in the middle of the busy highway and is going the wrong direction before it stops.

“This vehicle hydroplaned after a recent rainstorm,” police wrote, “luckily the driver and passenger walked away from the crash with minimal injuries. If you’re wondering if they were wearing their seat belts, the answer is yes!”
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