Biker Dad

Dad to the Bone

On February 5, 2023, a motorcyclist had a near-fatal fall from a cliff in Southern Utah. However, thanks to the quick response of rescuers who were dispatched via an Apple Watch, the individual was able to receive prompt medical attention and make a full recovery.

The incident occurred while the motorcyclist was riding along a scenic route in the southern part of the state. Suddenly, the individual lost control of the motorcycle and fell from a cliff, landing several hundred feet below.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook, the rider “received an alert from a smartwatch of a possible vehicle accident in the area of Warner Valley. Deputies, search and rescue crews, Hurricane Fire, Life Flight, and a Utah Department of Public Safety helicopter responded to the area. It was found a motorcyclist had gone over a cliff in the area and fell 40 to 50 feet. He was stabilized on scene and the high-angle search and rescue team assisted in bringing him down the rest of the way to Life Flight, where he was transported out in critical condition.

Despite being badly injured, the motorcyclist was able to use their Apple Watch to initiate an emergency call for help. The watch, equipped with fall detection technology, immediately alerted the local authorities and dispatched a rescue team to the scene.

Thanks to the quick response of the rescue team, the motorcyclist was able to receive prompt medical attention and was taken to a local hospital in critical condition.

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