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CREOLA, Louisiana (BIKER DAD)- Supporters have donated thousands of dollars to help a Louisiana K9 handler keep his dog, “Balu” after it’s retired. Balu and Officer Martin Shaw were already a bit of an Instagram sensation before all of this started. But now, supporters are coming to their aid with money too. A GoFundMe page set up for them has since been closed. But on their Instagram page donations are still being accepted by Venmo.

“So a few people have asked what happened,” Shaw posted on Instagram, “and I won’t go into details but basically my department feels Balu is no longer needed and will be sold to the highest bidder.” Now the internet is making sure Shaw can be that highest bidder and Balu can come home with him forever.

The Biker Dad Blog reached out to the Creola Police Department. The assistant police chief told us that state law requires the dog to be considered surplus property and requires that property to go up for auction. The department does say however that law may soon be changed in the state and allow Shaw to keep Balu.

With the donations coming in he’d likely have enough money to outbid anyone.

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