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UPDATE: The GoFundme for the vet has raised about $6,000. But he needs closer to 18. CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT TO HELP.

ELLSWORTH, Maine (BIKER DAD) — This weekend we remember those who didn’t come back. Memorial Day is all about our armed forces who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Certainly 97-year-old WWII vet Joseph Comeau had some buddies who didn’t make it back. And although he’s likely thinking of them, he’s probably also thinking about the threat of homelessness hanging over his head. But, like it often is, bikers are rolling out to help him to win this battle.

According to friends and family who’ve rallied by his side, Comeau fell behind on his property taxes and could have his home taken away. His home has also fallen into disrepair. The property is actually already in foreclosure, but if they can raise enough to pay the property tax, the city will return his deed.

“Joseph fought for this country and it’s our turn as a community to advocate for those who can no longer advocate for themselves.  If you can help please do. There is no amount too small,” a GoFundMe fundraiser set up for him reads.

According to WFVX-TV the Gary Owen Motorcycle Club cooked BBQ and did a donation bucket brigade. They ended up raising more than $2 thousand. The GoFundMe has raised more than $4 thousand. So it looks like these bikers have helped this member of the Greatest Generation win one more battle.


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