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MOBILE, Ala. (BIKER DAD) –May is motorcycle safety awareness month. But that does not mean that drivers are actually listening to the call to “look twice and save a life.” Thankfully Hunter Walker didn’t lose his life in a crash in Mobile, Alabama Wednesday. But he did lose almost half of his leg.

Hunter, known as “Dundee” to his Caballeros Acero RC brothers was hit by a “careless young girl on her cell phone” according to members of the club. The Biker Dad blog reached out to Mobile Police for information on the crash. But our multiple emails and phone calls to the public information officer were not returned. Posts on social media say he was T-boned by the young driver.

His RC brothers tell me that he had surgery the following day and had to have his leg amputated six inches below the knee. But, they tell me, he is happy he is still alive after the ordeal.

We’ll keep following the story and let you know if Mobile Police ever respond to our request for information.

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