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JOPLIN, MO (BIKER-DAD) –A Missouri family is heartbroken after thieves added insult to the injury of losing their son. Ruth Dillow posted on Facebook that her son died in a crash May 17th, “he was buried on Saturday, May 22nd. We had gone to his house throughout the week to gather items to bury him with.”

When they returned later they found “some dirty thieves broke into his house and garage over the weekend while we were busy burying him and stole his prized Harley motorcycle and many items out of his house.”

Harley Davidson thefts seem to be skyrocketing recently with more reports of stolen bikes and even dealership break-ins.

It’s downright disgusting already. But in a case like this it’s even worse. “His motorcycle was one of a kind and I’m including a picture to watch for and call the police if anyone sees it. Please share this to anyone who may want to help. We are so very sad that we not only lost Adam but also many of his personal belongings,” she writes.

And people are sharing. The post has gone viral, shared nearly 200,000 times. You can share it too!

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