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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (BIKER DAD) –A motorcycle murder in Arkansas is wrapping up with the killer pleading guilty. According to the Fayetteville Observer Randall Padgett, 65, died in 2019. A drunk driver hit him head-on at 110 miles an hour. As a result Willie Washington, 46, pleaded guilty to murder.

Washington had a blood alcohol content of .11 during the crash. The state limit in Arkansas is .08. The Acura Washington was driving was going twice the 55 mph speede limit when it crossed the center line slamming into Padgett’s Harley Davidson. Padgett didn’t even make it to the hospital. He died right there in a ditch.

The observer reports Washington will spend more than a decade in prison. But as a result of the plea deal several other charges were dropped.

In many states the charge would be manslaughter or vehicular homicide. It’s good to see in Arkansas they call something like this what it is, murder. This motorcycle murder in Arkansas will hopefully open some eyes. That way Padgett’s death at least won’t be in vain.

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