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FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, Penn. (BIKER DAD)-– Even those who make the laws can’t break the laws. But one state senator is in trouble for “ridin’ dirty” himself. The Pennsylvania lawmaker plead guilty to riding with an expired motorcycle registration. That’s according to a report by WHTM. You can watch their entire story in the video box above.

Court documents reveal Michael Robert Reagan pleaded guilty to driving an unregistered vehicle and “driving at safe speed.” The charge actually means the opposite of what it says. He was driving at an unsafe speed for conditions.

All of this steams from a crash back in March. The Senator told WHTM that he only pleaded guilty due to his busy schedule, ““To make it easier on my packed schedule, I pleaded guilty. However, I’m looking at introducing legislation to remove that provision from the traffic offense code.” He says the law simply assumes you were speeding without any evidence to prove it.

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