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CHICAGO, Ill. (BIKER DAD)–Bikers rolled into a lemonade stand to support Gold Star Kids. The sight of dozens of big leather-wearing bikers sipping lemonade may to a shot to some. But those who really know what goes on in the biker community know we’ll do almost anything for a good cause.

The organization provides support for kids who lost parents in times of military conflict. Three biker groups, headed up by the Marine Vets Motorcycle Club rolled into the Chicago lemonade stand this weekend according to WGN TV. You can see their full report in the video player at the top of this story. When that cause involves military or veterans it’s even more near and dear to our hearts. That’s what this weekend was all about in Illinois.

Bikers rolled into a lemonade stand:

WGN reports the bikers were riding in honor of Marine Corporal Connor Lowry who died in Afghanistan in 2012. “Just a great, great Marine who loved his country so much,” Modie Lavin, Connor’s mother told WGN. “Part of his characteristics was keeping his platoon laughing during really tough times over in Afghanistan. That was kind of a morale booster.”

His family started a fund in his name. You can find more information about that by clicking here. According to the website, “Conner T Lowry’s mother, Modie Lavin, was inspired to start the Conner T. Lowry Memorial Fund based on a text she received from her son while he was serving in Afghanistan. Conner said in the text that if something were to happen to him in Afghanistan, he would want a memorial in his name in Beverly Park. Conner also requested that money be donated to his alma mater St. John Fisher. The Conner T. Lowry Memorial Fund continues to honor his request with scholarships made in his name.”

WGN says all three clubs involved donated $500 to the fund and then each biker bought a glass of lemonade for ten bucks too.

If you’d like to find out more about Gold Star Children click here.


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