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SAVANNAH, Ga. (BIKER DAD)–Bikers ride for a brain-damaged baby who nearly drowned. It happened this weekend in Savannah, Georgia. “Baby JJ,” as the bikers call him, nearly drowned in a family pond back in December. Since then his family has been struggling with his long and expensive recovery.

Little JJ Sessions suffered brain damage. His dad has had to skip work to care for him. Insurance covers a lot, but not everything. JJ has to take an ambulance to New Orleans for special treatment according to a Go Fund Me account set up for the family. Just a few days ago the family posted an urgent message for prayers, “Prayers please Baby JJ has RSV and is back on ventilator! Please keep them prayers coming Dad is a nervous Wreck!!! Please please pray!! We need you all.” An update said he was no longer on the ventilator and doing better.

Bikers ride for brain-damaged baby: The mission

As is often the case it was bikers who were first to step up and help. “We’re letting the family know they’re not alone. We’re here for them,” biker Bill Galloway told WJCL TV. The family was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. “It’s hard not to break down,” JJ’s grandmother, Pauline Morgan old the TV station.

The bikers each donated $25 dollars to the family. There was also a raffle. The Go Fund Me stands at over $7 thousand. But that’s not going to be nearly enough. If you’d like to show the family support, you can donate here.

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