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BROOKLYN, N.Y. (BIKER DAD)– Caught on camera: Illegal dirt bikers pummel postal worker. The whole dirt bike on the streets is getting out of control across the country. New York City has seen its share of problems. But this one takes the cake. It was all caught on video.

NYPD Crimestoppers shared the video on their Facebook page. It’s pretty unbelievable. A man on a mini dirt bike is speeding down a sidewalk and almost runs right over the postal worker. Instead of realizing he’s in the wrong for riding a dirt bike in the city, on a sidewalk, illegally, he immediately attacks the postal worker.

Now this hard-working underpaid man is under attack. Jumping off his blue bike, the young man immediately goes to throwing punches. Even though he’s clearly out-sized the postman, that’s not enough. His dirt bike buddy comes flying onto screen and starts delivering blows himself.

Thankfully not everyone on the street is just a terrible dirt bag. Several witnesses see what’s happening and jumps in to stop it. It stopped before they could even possibly kill the worker. But he was severely injured with broken bones and cuts.

NYPD wants the public’s help to catch these criminals before they hurt someone else, either intentionally or with their dangerous riding. Call  1-800-577-TIPS and you could get a $3,500 cash reward.

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