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FORT WORTH, Tex. (BIKER-DAD)– A Texas biker shot was killed after road raging on a driver. It happened on Interstate 35 in Fort Worth according to According to their report, the bike was lane splitting when a driver changed lanes in front of him. Lane splitting is not legal in Texas. The driver didn’t see the motorcycle when changing lanes but also did not hit him.

That did not stop the motorcycle rider from getting angry. Police tell CBS DFW the rider zoomed ahead passing several other cars before parking his bike in the middle of the interstate, stopping all traffic. Then, according to the report the motorcycle rider JaDerek Gray, 19, pulled out a gun, pointed at the car, and walked towards it.

Texas biker shot and killed after road-raging on a driver

That’s when the driver told Gray there were children in the car. That didn’t stop him. What Gray didn’t know was the driver also had a gun. He pulled it out and shot Gray multiple times. He died at a hospital.

CBS DFW reports the driver is cooperating with police and there were several witnesses. He has not been charged.

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