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CINCINNATI, Oh. (BIKER DAD)–Bodycam video shows police on bicycles chase down an illegal quad biker in a Cincinnati park. The video posted to the Cincinnati Police Department’s Facebook page shows it all go down.

The cops on bicycles yell a the quad rider to stop. You can watch the video in the player above.

Citizens called police about the dangerous quad rider speeding through the crowded park. That’s when the bicycle cops responded. The quad comes into view and you see it speed right past the cops. “Stop” the officer commands. But the rider doesn’t listen and speeds off again. The bicycles should be no match for the quad. But the cops don’t give up.

“He just crashed,” the officer reports a few moments later. The bicycles couldn’t keep up with him. In the end, it was his own mistake that ended the quad rider’s run from the law. “I’m kinda hurt,” the rider says as police approach. He’s splayed out on his back on the sidewalk.

“Put your hands behind your back. Roll over that way,” the officer commands. “I don’t think I can, I don’t think I can,” the man groans. Another officer asks, “we need to make sure, do you have any guns on you?” The rider says he doesn’t but that turns out to be a lie. Police find a gun in a fanny pack. – Fast Easy Motorcycle History Reports For Only $25!

“You did a good front flip,” one of the officers says to the suspect, “you should have just stopped.” He claims he didn’t know they were police. Police arrested him for various traffic violations and outstanding warrants. He was also charged with illegally having a gun and mishandling it while operating a vehicle.

The post goes on to read, “just a reminder: We will not let the reckless behavior of a few ruin the fun for everyone trying to enjoy the summer months in Cincinnati! We are continuing to crackdown on illegal quad and motorbike activity.”
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