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MILWAUKEE, Wis. (BIKER DAD)–Harley put the sport back in Sportster. At least that’s what their slick new promotional video for the 2021 Sportster S says. But “old school” Harley fans are already complaining, just as they did about the LIVEwire and even the by all counts incredible Panamerica.

Heritage: sport back in Sportster

To debut the new 1250 cc Sportster S the motor company took a ride to the Scottish ancestral home of the Davidsons. The cottage where HD founder William Davidson is not just a mecca for motorcycle fans. It’s a part of Harley heritage. And HD says the new Sportster has heritage built-in. Sure it has a wild rectangle LED headlight and an aggressive exhaust that looks like it’s from a dystopian film. But, it also has a rear fender that’s a tip of the hat to the FXR. Its fat front tire is an hommage to the Sportster 48 models.

It also, the company says, has something that’s been a part of the Sportster since its 1957 debut. That’s power. ┬áIt makes 121 horses and 94 pound-feet of torque. The S redlines at 9500 RPM.

Harley says the bike will come in different models, some that look a bit more like the traditional cruiser those old-schoolers like. And, just like every Sportster ever made it will be highly customizable.

You can watch Harley’s full reveal video in the video player above. Harley feels like the new S will guarantee the continued success of its longest-running model, “this isn’t the latest chapter in the story. this is the first chapter in a whole new book.

I haven’t ridden it yet. But if it’s anything like those other two bikes that agitated Harley’s base, the LIVEwire, and the Panamerica, I’m absolutely looking forward to it. Both of those bikes are incredible and incredibly fun in their own ways. It’s time for Harley fans to realize that it is time to evolve for real. It’s time for a revolution too.

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