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CRANBROOK, B.C. CANADA (BIKER DAD) — Violence left five stabbed in “biker gang” brawl putting a hospital on lockdown. Global News reports on the “biker gang” brawl in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

The website says members of two “rival biker gangs” from Alberta duked it out. Royal Canadian Mounties responded to the fight at a gas station and broke it up. But five of those bikers involved showed up at a local hospital with stab wounds. Their injuries weren’t life-threatening. But, that still made things tense at the hospital. That lead to a lockdown.

The website says “officers were stationed in the parking lot to prevent further violence between the gangs, ‘who had attended the hospital but were refused entry.’ The stabbing victims were released after treatment, and officers escorted one group out of town, police said.” The report does not say which “gangs” were involved.

You probably don’t associate “biker gangs” with our friendly cousins up north. But there has been a lot of news involving outlaw clubs coming out of Canada. Just a few days ago Hells Angels descended on a Canadian jail after a man with ties to the club died inside. Now corrections officers say the club is threatening guards.

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