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WISCONSIN DELLS, Wis. (BIKER DAD)–Marine Sgt. Rick Erickson barely made it out of Iraq alive. He didn’t make it out without scars, mental and physical. Years after dodging bullets and explosions as part of his daily routine he’s getting some much-needed and much-deserved wind therapy.

The Wisconsin group Hogs for Heroes made sure of it, gifting the war hero with a new Harley. 18 years after enlisting in the Marines, and more than a decade recovering from his physical wounds and PTSD he was honored with the bike, presented to him this weekend.

Erickson followed his grandfather (a WWII vet) and his father (a Vietnam vet) in their tradition of service and battle. According to the Hogs for Heroes website Erickson spent months in utter hell. Already enduring a daily barrage of bullets and blasts, he was then part of “Operation Phantom Fury’. It was the highest point of conflict against the Iraqi insurgents as Marines invaded Fallujah. It created the heaviest urban combat and the bloodiest battle of the entire war…and Rick was in the center of it all.”

 For his efforts in combat Rick was awarded a Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with Valor and a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal with Valor. Wounded and mentally drained one of the first things he did when he returned home was to seek out wind therapy. He bought a motorcycle. But two years ago he had to sell his bike to make home repairs. Hogs for Heroes decided that just wasn’t acceptable, and got him not only back on a bike, but his dream bike. “This Crushed Ice Pearl 2017 Street Glide has only 9,000 miles on her and is not only loaded with upgrades, it has a customized adaptive seat to give his back the support it needs and 12” bars to release his shoulders. The WISHD team were phenomenal: they expertly placed Rick on his first Harley and generously stretched our dollars to fit this dream within our budget. Unique to this sweet ride, it has been fully paid for by the 2020 fundraising efforts of the Tavern League of Wisconsin (TLW), and we couldn’t be more honored by their support of our Veterans and desire to continue raising funds for Hogs For Heroes.”

You can watch the entire ceremony in the video player above.



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  1. Was never able to get mine replaced after it was stolen in St. Robert, Mo. while I was stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood in 1975. Found out 23 years later my friend took it while I was on leave for a week end and he died several years ago before I could confront him. Haven’t been able to ride since! Military wouldn’t cover the cost since it was not on post. Bummer! It was a beautiful 72 Super Glide stroked. Bought it the day after I got married in 1973. i was so proud to win a show in Chicago however with my 54 H-D Trick I customed out. It was in Custom Choppers Mag. March issue 1973. That is gone now also in 1979 for parts.

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