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LIBERTY, Oh (BIKER DAD) — We’ve all seen there meme of a biker on a sport bike being pulled over. It says “Officer: do you know why I pulled you over ? Biker: because I let you.” Well, I biker in Ohio won’t let police pull him over. And they are asking people to help find him.

The Liberty Police Department posted on Facebook that it “is asking for assistance in identifying the individual or motorcycle in the picture. Over the weekend it fled from officers while on patrol. Any information that can be given would be greatly appreciated. As always, our TIPS Line will remain Confidential 330-539-9830. Thank you.”

By the comments, they won’t be getting help from other riders saying they won’t be “snitching.” One said “if boi made it thru the grass like I see in these photos he deserves his well earned getaway. 10/10”

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