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(BIKER DAD)–The video is disturbing. It’s also a white knuckle ride from the point of view of a motorcyclist speeding on a busy road at more than 160 miles per hour or 260 kilometers per hour. It ends when the biker slams into a truck he couldn’t possibly avoid at those speeds. You can hear a bystander calling for an ambulance.

South Australia police say that is the only reason the rider is still alive. He spent two months in a coma. The rider’s wife wanted police to release the video to show people just how dangerous this behavior is. Police wanted to also use the opportunity to tell people about a bill designed to come down hard on what the Aussies call “hoon bikers.”

The bill in Australia’s Parliament would see a maximum penalty of up to five years in prison and a mandatory loss of license for five years for “extreme speed.” Police say, “extreme speed is defined as driving or riding at 55km/h or more above the limit in a zone marked 60 or less, or 80km/h or more above the speed limit in a zone marked above 60.”

Meanwhile this biker will never ride again. He has a permanent brain injury and put him in full time care for the rest of his life.

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