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ABU DHABI (BIKER DAD)— It turns out distracted driving isn’t a uniquely American problem. And that danger translates to trouble in all kinds of languages. A video tweeted by Abu Dhabi police is a frightening reminder of that.

Police say a distracted driver plowed right over a motorcycle coming to a stop. The vehicle doesn’t even slow down before smashing into the bike.

The thread doesn’t say if the rider survived or is okay. But we know what’s not okay, no matter what country you are in, distracted driving.

"Nanzur maratayn li'iinqadh alhaya," is how you say look twice save a life in Arabic. It clearly needs to be translated to many languages. 

Since the tweet is in Arabic, we’ve translated below.

In the video .. Watch the danger of being preoccupied with anything other than the road. Abu Dhabi Police warned drivers of the dangers of being busy while driving using the phone or eating or drinking, and the driver turned to talk to his companions or preoccupied with photography, adjusting makeup and grooming, and other behaviors that lead to loss of focus and vehicle drift.
It is one of the main causes of serious traffic accidents.
It stated that the violation of being distracted from the road while driving the vehicle in any form was 800 dirhams and four traffic points.

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