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Dad to the Bone

PENSACOLA, Fla. (BIKER DAD) —Neighbors called the cops on these boys in Pensacola, Florida. But what the cops found there was a big surprise. The quickly realized something needed to be done about the situation and they took action. Whoever wrote this Facebook post on the PD page did such a good job, I couldn’t tell the story any better. So here’s the unedited post:

So you’re playing ball with your pals the other day. The ball bounces over the fence and y’all run around to get it. A few minutes later, two cops show up because someone mistook your bud’s ball retrieval efforts as an attempt to break into the church next door. Mistakes happen. No harm. No foul.

You show the cops your makeshift basketball hoop, which in reality is just a big flower pot propped up against a fence. It ain’t pretty but it’s cheaper than a new B-ball goal. The cops, Officers Hual and Partrick, toss the ball around with you, make some Dad jokes and take off.

A couple of days later, these two show back up. But now they’ve brought a brand new basketball goal with them. They even thought to bring a new ball. Seems these two went out and bought a new set up with their own money and delivered it.

We did not ask them to and the PPD certainly did not expect them to. But they did. That’s the Pensacola Way.


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