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AMARILLO, Tex. (BIKER DAD)— Law enforcement in Texas are keeping a close eye on a rally for the 1%er motorcycle club, the Bandido MC. The Randall County Sheriff’s Office says it’s heading a task force to keep an eye on the big biker event, “while we hope the presence of a large number of Bandido members in the area will remain peaceful, national and global intelligence about this gang and its affiliates effectuates the need for caution and demands a substantial law enforcement presence,” said Randall County Sheriff Christopher Forbis.

That’s a much different response from law enforcement in another part of Texas where 300 Gypsy MC members are expected to show up for the holiday weekend. Llano Police are telling residents not to be alarmed.

In Randolph County instead the Sheriff is telling the public to be concerned, “the Bandido organization has been classified as an “Outlaw Motorcycle Organization” by the United States Department of Justice and the Texas Department of Public Safety.”

The sheriff says the task force will “ensure the continued safety of both residents and visitors” and it will “ensure the public understands law enforcement in the area is unwilling tolerate criminal activity.”

The Bandidos were among those involved in a 2015 shoot-out at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas where 9 bikers were killed and 18 others were injured.

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