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FARMINGTON, MO (BIKER DAD)– It takes a special kind of scum to steal a motorcycle. It’s even worse when the victim was just finally able to buy his dream bike after beating cancer. Now his family are hoping you’ll share this story and get his bike back.

Caylea Arnold shared the story on her Facebook page, “Richard’s Dad, Jo and I are asking for your help! For many years his dad has wanted this Harley! It was Not just any Harley he purchased it from a father figure of his who means very much to him!”

She says it happened, “after a very long drive from Minnesota to get the bike he parked it outside of his hotel which was the super 8 in Farmington Missouri. When he woke in the morning on May 29th the trailer and bike were gone!!”

She says two men in a Ford Expedition pulled up in the middle of the night and took off with it, dumping the trailer down the road, “this man just finished a hard battle with cancer and was so excited for this next adventure in his life not to mention the drive alone was not easy on him! This has absolutely broken his heart.”

She’s now hoping the power of social media will help track it down, “if you have any information on this please let me know. I know the power of a shared Facebook post. Whoever did this Shame on you… hope that bell rings loud in your ear!!!!! I would love nothing more than to recover his bike or at least give him a little peace knowing these thieves have been caught.”

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