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PHILADELPHIA, Penn. (BIKER DAD) –A Dirt biker rider murdered a driver in Philly road rage. Now police are looking for the man on the motorcycle.

It’s a problem in cities across the country. From New York to Miami, San Francisco to L.A. and all in between. Crowds of dirt bikers taking over streets. They’re doing it on illegal vehicles and pulling off dangerous stunts. Often the bikers cause problems with traffic. As a result that leads to angry encounters with drivers who are legally just trying to get somewhere.

Now those confrontations and stunts are turning deadly more often. That’s what police in Philadelphia say happened when a driver encountered a group of these illegal dirt bikers. Police say they had a confrontation. That’s when the dirt biker followed him. Fox 29 reports the dirt biker pulled out a gun and began firing.

Police released a picture of the killer and asked anyone with information to contact the Homicide Unit at 215-686-3334 or leave an anonymous tip at 686-TIPS.

Earlier this year another dirt biker pulled a driver out of their car and pulled a gun too in South Philadelphia.

Just a few days ago a viral video showed another gang of dirt bikers taking over streets in Boston. One of the skinny-jean, no-helmet wearing, illegal stunters slammed right into a car. It was fortunate he didn’t slam into another person.

Police have tried cracking down on the behavior. Mostly this is to no avail. In Miami there’s an annual event that clogs the streets. There are far too many bikers taking part to take them all off the streets.

On the West Coast they call them “show-outs.” Bikers and car riders block roads, even the Golden Gate bridge, to pull wheelies burnouts and other stunts.

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