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Caught on video: Hero deputy on his second day helps saved a trapped driver


ORANGE COUNTY, VA. ( BIKER DAD) –Caught on camera, a Virginia deputy becomes a hero on only his second day on the job. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office shared the video and the story on their Facebook page. You can watch the entire video in the player above.

The Sheriff’s Office says Deputy J. Ganoe and Sergeant J. Berry jumped into action when they got the call for help. According to NBC 12, Ganoe just graduated the academy a few weeks ago. So this was only his second day on the beat.“That was actually my first experience with a really bad motor vehicle accident,” Ganoe told the telvision station. “When you see that in person, there’s a bit of shock factor to it; but you have to do something and I was glad Sgt. Berry was there to guide us through it all.”

Video can tell the story better than words. “Please help me, please” the crash victim begs over and over.” At first the deputies tell the man they have to wait for the fire department. But they quickly relent. That’s when one says, “you want to try?”

“Here we go,” one of the deputies says as the bloodied victim once again begs, “please help me.” Then each deputy gives out a large grunt. They both push with all of their strength. The car rolls and the deputies have to be careful not to hurt themselves or the victim. “Don’t move buddy,” one of them tells the victim to stay put until he can be checked out. “Lay back down! Fire and EMS are coming.

Virginia State Police are still investigating the cause of the accident. But everyone is calling both deputies heroes!

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