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BROWNSTOWN, Ind. (BIKER DAD)– That’s meth’d up. A Harley ended up in a cornfield after a teen with meth led police on a chase, officers say. The Brownstown Indiana Police posted about it on their Facebook page. Police say 18-year-old Payton Prewitt wouldn’t stop when an officer tried to pull him over.

Meth’d up: Harley ends up in cornfield after drugged-out teen leads police on chase

Police say he went barreling down the highway. Because of his speed he couldn’t handle a turn. That’s when he flew off the road into the cornfield. That’s when police cuffed him.

WBIW adds more to the story. Their web article says “Prewitt faces charges of possession of meth, two counts of resisting arrest, and criminal mischief involving damage to property of an agricultural operation.”

Now that’s meth’d up. The Harley’s probably not in great shape either. It appears to be a Dyna.

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