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MOBILE, Ala. (BIKER DAD)– Almost a year old and only nine pounds — A medical mystery has a Mobile family worried about their baby girl. So they are sending her to a hospital 700 miles away from home with hopes that she will someday have a normal life.

It may be a mystery what’s wrong with little Baby Josie, but it’s no secret bikers and car lovers in Mobile have their backs. “ We’re raising money for my daughter Josie,” Shawn Ikner said holding back tears, “she’s gotta go to Cincinnati to a hospital. We’re still waiting to get her but we’re trying to raise money so her mom can take off and go be in Cincinnati with her.” Mobay Cruise for a Cause and Brakes For Less held a benefit car and motorcycle wash in March to help the family. The Biker Dad Blog was there

Now they are planning another fundraiser. Car and motorcycle enthusiasts are using their passion for being on the road to help get little baby Josie Ikner on the road to Ohio and recovery. The car and bike show is July 17th at the Dragway in Irvington, Alabama. You can get the details here.

“A lot of GI issues, it’s real complicated. They are still trying to figure it out. She just can’t gain weight like a normal baby. She’s 9 months and 9 pounds,” Ikner told the Biker Dad Blog, “it’s been rough since she was born. They’re still trying to figure it out. That’s why we’re trying to get to Cincinnati to see specialists. It’s just hard not knowing. We really don’t know what’s in the future but hopefully, she lives somewhat of a normal life.”

Baby Josie has a big brother and sister at home too. Ikner says they don’t really understand what’s going on. Josie is taking it all in stride too, “she’s good, she’s happy. She’s been in the hospital for about a month this time. Every time I walk in she’s smiling. I’m glad a lot of people are out here helping Josie.”

We’ll be following Josie’s journey on the Biker Dad blog

And if you’d like to know how to help you can make a donation just click here.

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