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UPDATE: Germany has banned the Bandidos Motorcycle club after a major raid, according to reports.

According to the German Interior Ministry, the Bandidos biker gang was attempting “to expand the areas it controls and to bring in more revenue … particularly when it comes to rival gangs, against which it would use force.”

Original Story

BERLIN, Germany (BIKER DAD)– A raid on German Bandidos MC found guns, ammo, and cash. That’s according to a report by Reuters.

The news agency says more than 1,800 law enforcement officials took place in the raid. They searched about 100 locations connected to Bandidos Motorcycle Club members. Germany’s interior ministry told Reuters, “the association is striving to gain territorial and financial power over similar competing motorcycling groups and enforces such claims with violence.” But, the report does not indicate if any members of the MC were actually arrested

Bandidos were founded in Houston back in the 1960s. They’ve been in Germany since 1999.

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