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MOBILE, Ala. (BIKER DAD) — In Mobile bikers rallied for a brother who lost his leg in a distracted driving crash. “My life changed in an instant,” Hunter Walker told me from his newly acquired wheelchair as he snapped his fingers.”

Hunter, known as “Dundee” to his Caballeros Acero RC brothers was hit by a “careless young girl on her cell phone” according to members of the club. The Biker Dad blog reached out to Mobile Police for information on the crash. But our multiple emails and phone calls to the public information officer were not returned. Hunter tells me the 17-year-old driver t-boned him while he was trying to get on the interstate back in May. “I’ve never been hit that hard in my life…I can’t explain how hard the hit was.” Hunter says he woke up lodged in the rear windshield, his leg badly broken.

Doctors did surgery for four hours trying to save his leg. But they ended up having to remove it from below the knee.

Saturday his Caballeros Acero Riding Club family held a benefit car and bike show for him at Fonny’s Lounge. Always in good spirits and ready for fun, even at the height of his pain, Hunter sang Karaoke for the crowd. And just for fun, they honored his new “ride” with a first place and best in show trophy. “Do a wheelie” the crowd hollered as a friend spun his wheelchair around to do “donuts” in the parking lot.

Hunter says he holds no animosity for the young driver. He also says he’s not given up riding. When he gets his new prosthetic leg, he’ll learn to ride again. “It’s gonna have to kill me to stop riding,” he told me.

You can see my full interview with Hunter in the video box above or by clicking here.


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