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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (BIKER DAD) — A Wyoming biker bar stops selling “violent homophobic shirts” after backlash on social media. But it wasn’t the backlash that ended the sales. The shirts read “In Wyoming, we have a cure for AIDS, we shoot f—–‘n f—–s.” That’s according to a report by the Cheynne post.

The Eagle’s Nest told the newspaper that they actually sold out of the shirts, so they are no longer available. The owner saying the club is “in the bar business, not the apparel business,” and that he would not be reordering the shirts.

The group Wyoming Equity posted about the shirts on Facebook, saying “we are sad to say that we failed to convince a local bar to pull these shirts from circulation. We hoped that they would choose to stop selling them when they realized the harm it did to the LGBTQ community and those living with AIDS.”

The post does not mention the name of the bar because of concern that it would only cause more people to go buy the shirts. That’s exactly what happened.
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