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NARROWS, Va. (BIKER DAD) — A Virginia cop is indicted for a deadly motorcycle crash. A grand jury indicted Chad Stilley this week according to WSLS TV. He’s accused of driving recklessly last summer. As a result of that driving, a 28-year-old biker died. The TV station originally reported the biker “lost control” and slid into the police car, “as Acord was approaching the intersection of US-460 and 3rd Street, police say he swerved left to get around traffic stopped in the westbound lanes and lost control. The motorcycle then rolled onto its side and slid into a Narrows police car that was stopped in the road, according to police. Authorities say the emergency equipment on the police cruiser was activated when it was hit.” Now it’s the officer who is taking the blame for the crash.

Michael Acord of Rich Creek, Virginia died on the scene. Stilley is charged with failure to yield right of way, reckless driving, and involuntary manslaughter. The cop is on administrative leave. But, it’s unclear if he’s getting paid while he waits for his trial. – Fast Easy Motorcycle History Reports For Only $25!

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