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IRVINGTON, Ala. (BIKER DAD)–A medical mystery has been haunting a Mobile family. But thanks to bikers and car lovers the life-saving care she needs won’t haunt their budget. You’d never know by looking at baby Josie that she has been through so much in her short life. She is always smiling, even in the pictures with feeding tubes snaked up her nose. You also wouldn’t know she’s 14-months-old. That’s because she’s still tiny, only 14 pounds. And she can’t do most of the things a 14-month-old can usually do like sit up and walk.

When we first met the Ikner family earlier this year, Josie was approaching 1 year and only weighed nine pounds. The doctors in Alabama were mostly puzzled. That’s why Shawn and Amy Ikner made the (very expensive) decision to take her to see specialists in Cincinnati. “She was born early and did not gain any weight,” Amy Ikner said, “she stayed under 8 pounds for the first nine months of her life.” An earlier carwash helped cover those expenses. And it paid off big-time. The doctors in Ohio diagnosed her with a rare disorder in her digestive organs. “They are optimistic that one day with proper treatment…she won’t be on all the (feeding) tubes she’s on now,” mom said while attending a second bigger fundraiser for Baby Josie.

Mike’s Muscle Cars and Mobay Cruise for a cause raised $8 thousand for the family to continue Josie’s care. They held a car and bike show along with a raffle at the drag strip in Irvington. The Ikners say they are fortunate to have insurance. But it doesn’t cover nearly all of the expenses of traveling to Ohio. The community support has been amazing, “we wouldn’t be where we are emotionally or physically with Joe without everybody’s support. It’s bringing us hope. It’s so awesome,” Sean Ikner told me.

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