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The U.K. will ban gas-powered motorcycles by 2035, as part of a measure to ban all vehicles that run on “petrol” as they call it. A report called “Decarbonizing Transport: Setting the Challenge” says in part, “from motorcycles to HGVs, all road vehicles will be zero-emission. Technological advances, including new modes of transport and mobility innovation, will change the way vehicles are used.”

Transport Department officials say the gas bikes will phase out sooner if possible. They are investing in infrastructure to make it a reality. The report says “We are investing around 2.5 billion pounds with grants available for plug in cars, taxis, and motorcycles, as well as funding to support charge point infrastructure at homes, workplaces, on residential streets, and across the wider roads network. This adds up to one of the most comprehensive support packages in the world for the transition to zero-emission vehicles. A holistic approach is needed – adequate vehicle supply, a strong
consumer base, the right market conditions, and a fit-for-purpose infrastructure network are all vital to meeting our ambitions.”

Bikers had hoped motorcycles would be exempt when the original report came out last year. But the new language makes it clear they are not. It now specifically mentions motorcycles several times, “from motorcycles to HGVs, the transition to zero-emission road vehicles requires major changes to the vehicles we drive and the way we use our roads.”

The report goes on to state, “while cars and vans outnumber motorcycles on UK roads, motorcycles are an important and sizeable vehicle population, with 1.4 million licensed in 2020 and we do not want to see them remaining fossil-fuelled as the rest of the vehicle fleet cleans up.”

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