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LAKE OZARK, MO. (BIKER DAD)–Was an MC clubhouse fire retaliation for a Missouri “biker gang” shoot-out? That’s what the local website is asking after fire gutted the clubhouse of the Midwest Drifters. They were one of the clubs involved in deadly shoot-out in a Missouri tourist spot last week. That’s when gunfire erupted at the Casablanca Bar and Grill. You can see video of the shooting in the player above or subscribe to the Biker Dad Youtube Channel


BUY BIKER DAD GEAR the Drifters, Galloping Goose and Mongols motorcycle clubs were involved in the brawl. They cited court documents. Their report says in part “officials, including County Sheriff Louie Gregoire, have declined to speculate about the cause of the blaze, referring questions to the State Fire Marshal’s office.” But they are surely asking if the fire is connected to the deadly shooting.

So far, two men have been charged in that shoot-out. Daniel Kurtzeborn, Iberia, Mo., faces a charge of unlawful possession of a firearm. Police say Kurtzeborn lied about having a gun and firing, telling them he had a previous record so he couldn’t have a gun. But surveillance video, they say, caught him in a lie.

Tonka Way-Con Ponder, 50, of Preston, Missouri, was charged with first-degree assault and armed criminal action. One person died and four others were injured. Police called it an “isolated incident” involving “rival biker gangs.”

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