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Dad to the Bone


SUFFOLK, Va. (BIKER DAD)– 4 motorcycles stolen from a Virginia family were more than just machines. The bikes represent a special bond between father and son. Ryan Arnold and his dad Matt are both motocross racers. The boy has been riding almost his entire life, and just got his first new bike, a Beta. His dad had a twin dirt bike too.

Someone stole those bikes and two others just five days after they bought them according to WTKR. You can see their full report in the video box above. The two new bikes alone cost the family $19 thousand.

Thieves didn’t stop at just the bikes. They also stole two generators and some tires. “We’re gutted. He’s heartbroken. I’ll get over it a lot easier than he will,” Matt Arnold told WTKR. They are supposed to be racing in August. But, insurance won’t cover the bikes. As a result, they are sidelined. But the family is offering a $500 reward for info to get them back.

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