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DAYTONA, Fla. (BIKER DAD) –A biker dad and unborn child were both killed after a crash in Daytona during bike week. According to a Go Fund Me Greg Keene was riding to work at the local Harley dealership and was hit by a car. “he was hit by a pregnant woman which fractured his hip. Due to further complications he went into cardiac arrest and passed away soon later. I’m giving these details not to be insensitive but to inform so you don’t have to ask and can just give the support his family needs in this tough time,” the post reads.

Sadly, according to Facebook posts, that woman has since lost the baby. The post by Laura Dow reads, “As most of you already know, Gregg Keene was hit Monday morning on his way into work at Bruce Rossmeyer’s Daytona Harley-Davidson while riding his motorcycle, the impact took his life away from us…what most don’t know is that the woman who hit him, was 9 months pregnant and unfortunately this morning her baby passed away as well. I am devastated for my loss, obviously and I am having a lot of emotions, all day, every minute all over the place and to be completely honest, some of them are directed at her…I’m human, who is suffering an unimaginable life changing loss, how could they not be? But I also know who I am when I’m not grieving, and my heart goes out to them and is equally as broken for them as it is for our kids and myself. An already tragic situation turned unfathomable this morning and both of our lives and families lives are forever changed. I just want her and the baby’s father to know what an amazing man he was and what a wonderful father and family man he was, please take some comfort in this tragedy in knowing that every fiber of my soul knows that he has your baby in his arms and is comforting and taking care of your child like he would his own. I just know it and it makes my broken heart feel a tiny bit of peace for the moment. Life is completely unfair. 💔😇💞

The upcoming Daytona Beach episode of the Biker Dad TV show will be dedicated to this biker dad.



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