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AMARILLO, TX (BIKER DAD)– Police in Texas were on high alert for the Memorial Day weekend, all hot and bothered about a “biker gang” taking over their town. Thousands of bikers flocked to Amarillo for the Bandido Motorcycle Club Rally.

The Randall County Sheriff said he was heading up a task force to make sure nothing bad happened. But it seems the only thing that broke out was fun and frolicking…and some (legal) racing on a track. TV station KAMR reported on the races. You can watch that in the video player above.

The Sheriff said, “The Bandido organization has been classified as an ‘Outlaw Motorcycle Organization.’ by the United States Department of Justice and the Texas Department of Public Safety.”

Sheriff Christopher Forbis also said, “while we hope the presence of a large number of Bandido members in the area will remain peaceful, national and global intelligence about this gang and its affiliates effectuates the need for caution and demands a substantial law enforcement presence.” Turns out it turned out peaceful, but there may be questions about whether this actually did “demand a substantial law enforcement presence.” The Biker Dad Blog cannot find any reports of criminal or other bad behavior during the rally.

5 thoughts on “Texas police on alert for Bandido rally, nothing happens

  1. The cops in Texas are assholes clubs are not gangs when are they going to figure that shit oh they never will it sells papers fear does

    • they need to figure out whose the actual “good” guys are – most bikers clubs & nonclubs just wanna ride – & a LARGE majority will prob be the ones backing the cops if SHTF happens – there are bad apples – bad cops & bad bikers – the difference is most of the time bikers keep their bad apples under command – cops don’t seem to even try – that’s my observation over the past 40 yrs of riding anyway
      America is the Greatest Country for MANY reasons – one is because of the challenges of riding – mountains, coast lies, trails, camps, plains, dessert – that’s what it’s about – protecting the right to ride n enjoy everything this country has to offer – the challenge of the ride – not the destination because the destination can change – it’s the journey that counts

  2. I would be more Interested in the percentage of crime that increased during the rally since so many resources we directed to a peaceful rally. Imagine what else could have been accomplished in the city of Amarillo if the extra tax paper money that was spent on “organized harassment” we focus on there own community.

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