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UPDATE: In the biker dragging deaths of two people. Three suspects are now in custody in Mississippi. That’s according to WLOX TV, ”¬†authorities arrested 25-year-old Taylor Marie Habina. Police say she was driving the newer model Dodge Ram 1500 that authorities released photos of last week. The day after her arrest, 46-year-old Jason Christopher Smith was also arrested in connection to the crime. Gulfport Police say Smith was a passenger in the truck that Habina was driving.”

The station reports that a third person was arrested for hindering prosecution. Police are still looking for a second vehicle. There’s a picture of it below.

UPDATE: WLOX reports that police are looking for second vehicle in the dragging deaths for two Mississippi riders.

They are looking for a dark colored SUV with dark rims and recent extensive front-end damage.

GULFPORT, MS (BIKER DAD)–Police on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast are searching for the driver of a truck who plowed over a motorcycle and took off. The hit and run left the man and woman on that motorcycle to die on the road.

Biker dragging deaths. Hear how police now have three suspects but are still looking for another vehicle in connection
Biker dragging deaths: Three suspects now in custody

According to a report by WLOX the victims were Cassie Bowman, 42 and Jason Stone, 43. Police believe the 2019-2021 Dodge Ram 1500 hit them from behind and dragged them down the road. The two were found dead and the bike was farther down the road according to WLOX.

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