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BOCA RATON, Fla. (BIKER DAD) — A Florida biker was killed by a red light runner, according to police. reports the victim was. Lighthouse Point resident Kristina Spadavecchia.

Police say the driver of the car ran a red light. As a result Spadavecchia, 27, slammed into vehicle on her motorcycle.

According a press release, “According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, “Vanessa Castor of Parkland was stopped on SW 18th at Powerline, heading east bound in her VW Tiguan. When the right turn lane signal turned green, Castor proceeded east (straight) through a red light. As she entered the intersection, Castor observed motorcycles heading northbound through the intersection and stopped. One of the motorcycles was able to avoid hitting Castor, however Kristina Spadavecchia was unable to (stop) and struck the passenger side of Castor’s car. Spadavecchia was ejected and landed in the northbound lanes. She was transported to Delray Medical Center where she was later pronounced dead.”

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