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VIDEO: California motorcycle cop broadsided by car running stop sign

SUBSCRIBE TO THE BIKER DAD YOUTUBE CHANNEL SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA (BIKER DAD)– Video shows a California motorcycle being broadsided by a car that ran a stop sign. You can

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Biker died hitting a deer, then getting run over

A biker died hitting a deer, then being run over. It happened in Hector Minnesota. The Minnesota State Police report outlines the tragic series of events.

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Teen killed riding the Dragon, challenging biker destination

A Tennessee teen was killed teen killed riding the Dragon, a challenging biker destination. The Tail of the Dragon is a challenging road on the Tennessee, North Carolina state line. It boast 318 curves in just 11 miles.

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Rider died doing “biker wave.” Other factors lead to crash

RED LODGE, Mont. (BIKER DAD) –A rider died doing a “biker wave” in Montana. KULR reports it happened Saturday near the Montana town of Red Lodge. State police say the

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Biker run over on Texas highway

A biker run over on a Texas highway was flown to the hospital. That’s according to a report by KTRK.

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Wear a helmet, a good idea for vikings and bikers

Wear a helmet. Apparently that was a good idea for 9th century vikings and for 21st century bikers. That’s the message from a new PSA produced by the Danish Road Safety Council.

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Police: Florida biker killed by red light runner

A Florida biker was killed by a red light runner, according to police. reports the victim was. Lighthouse Point resident Kristina Spadavecchia

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Michigan biker killed when young driver turns left in front of him

The Michigan biker was killed when a young driver turned left in front of him. Brewer says he wanted Biker Dad to share the story to urge other drivers to pay attention in memory of his uncle who was known as “Fuzz.”

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Biker killed in a bear crash loved his Harley Davidson

A run-in with a bear has cost a biker in New England his life. According to a report by the Associated Press, a 65-year-old man died when his motorcycle hit the bear.

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