Biker Dad

Dad to the Bone

FRESNO, Cal. (BIKER DAD)–A biker drowning in a canal. An off duty cop jumps into action to save his life. The hero cop saw the biker speeding down the road before the crash. That’s according to a report by ABC 30.

The station says the officer, Thao Xiong, saw the bike speeding and lane splitting. Then he saw a plume of smoke up ahead. Because of that he went to check it out. He found the bike wrecked. The rider was in the water. He was going in and out of consciousness.

The officer told the TV station he had been carrying a rope in his vehicle for 15 years “just in case.” The officer ran down the canal as the biker floated away. He was chasing the drowning man and throwing the rope. But because he was in and out, the rider couldn’t grab it.

The biker drowning in a canal was losing consciousness. He was also running out of time. If the officer didn’t find a way to save him fast, he wouldn’t survive. However for the biker’s sake this hero cop wasn’t going to let that happen. He would not give up. The cop also would not allow himself to lose sight of the struggling victim. He kept chase. He kept throwing the rope. The cop was not giving up hope.

That’s when more officers arrived. They formed a human chain. As a result they were able to safely go into the water. That’s when they were finally able to save the drowning biker. And it turns out it was just in the nick of time. “My opinion is had this gentleman reached the bridge down there, he probably would’ve been sucked under and drowned, so it’s no doubt in my mind that the officer saved his life,” Fresno Police Sgt. David Wilkin told ABC 30. You can watch their entire story in the video box above.

“Our dad’s a hero,” the officer’s son told ABC 30

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