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SAO PAOLO, BRAZIL (BIKER-DAD)–Because of a mask mandate Brazil’s president is fined. He took a stand against his own country’s ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. According to the Associated Press Jair Bolsonaro said masks were pointless for those who’ve been vaccinated.

He’s being taken to task for not wearing a mask while riding. But also because he stood before an estimated crowd of 10 thousand. Most of the bikers were also not wearing masks.

According to the Associated Press, “Sao Paulo’s state government press office said a fine — equivalent to about $110 — would be imposed for violation of a rule that has required masks in public places since May 2020.” The AP reports the president said, “whoever is against this proposal is because they don’t believe in science, because if they are vaccinated, there is no way the virus can be transmitted.”

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