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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C (BIKER-DAD)– The man accused of two highway motorcycle murders is back in North Carolina to face charges. That’s according to a report by FOX 8. You can see their full report in the video player above. Martin Calvin Cox Jr. is charged with 2 counts of murder. He was arrested in Kentucky but is now in a North Carolina jail. Investigators say he shot a husband and wife on their motorcycle. Deputies say he also shot another man, Kwandre Carey. Carey and one of the other bikers died.

ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, NC (BIKER DAD) –“He did not deserve this. No one deserves to be gunned down,” Aretha Carey, the mother of Kwandre Carey told Fox 8 . The North Carolina station has done an excellent job staying on top of the highway horror that unfolded there a few days ago.

A man and wife were gunned down on their motorcycle leaving a Love’s truck stop along a North Carolina highway. He survived, she did not make it. Another biker was also shot and killed. His mother spoke with the television station to tell his story. You can watch their story in the video player above or click here.

Carey was from Fredericksburg, Virginia. That’s three hours from the crash scene. His mother said he had just been on a cross-country ride that took him all the way to California.

Police have not identified the other victims and have not said if they rode with a group. But a picture on Carey’s Facebook Page appears to indicate he was a member of Made Men Inc Motorcycle Club.

Police have not said anything about the motive. But Carey’s mom says she’ll see that justice is served.

The suspect Martin Calvin Cox Jr. has agreed to return to North Carolina to face 2 counts of murder. He’s not fighting extradition.

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