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AUSTIN, Tex (BIKER DAD)– A high school student arrested is the second suspect in mass shooting during Texas motorcycle rally. The other suspect is so young that police aren’t releasing info on them. The shooting was not connected to the large Republic of Texas Rally. But it did happen in Downtown Austin’s entertainment district. That was where many of the bikers were hanging out for the rally.

Tuesday Austin Police announced the second arrest on Facebook.

Police arrested the 17-year-old suspect at school in Killeen where he was taking summer classes. Jeremiah Roshaun Leland James Tabb is charged with aggravated assault. The shooting Saturday left 13 people injured. One suspect was arrested the night of the shooting. Because of that person’s age no information has been released about them.

KXAN reports under Texas law Tabb will be charged as an adult. A suspect under 17, like the other person allegedly involved is not an adult. Read the full press release here.

High school student arrested: Original story

AUSTIN, Tex. (BIKER DAD) — Biker rally not connected to mass shooting in Austin. The mass shooting in during a bike rally in Texas has police looking for answers. Although police have not indicated any connection between the Republic of Texas motorcycle rally in Austin, thousands of bikers are in town for the event. KXAN reports that police say there’s no indication it’s connected to the shooting. But with that many motorcycle enthusiast in town many of the witnesses are likely bikers. The Republic of Texas rally is a huge event.

13 people were shot according to an Austin Police Department press release, “there were a total of 13 victims who sustained gunshot wounds or were injured. Eleven victims are in stable condition, and two victims are in critical condition. At this time, no fatalities have been reported.”

Television station KXAN reports one suspect is in custody. Another is still on the loose.


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