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PENSACOLA, Fla. (BIKER DAD)–The Patriot Flag’s 48 state tour by motorcycle is a mission to help vets. An organization called the Nation of Patriots is taking the flag to all the lower 48 states. Motorcycles take the flag for most of the trip. Sunday riders from Biloxi, Mississippi handed the flag off to members of the Pensacola Harley HOG chapter. Now it’s headed to other states.

After hitting Florida the flag will pass to several other Southeast states. Then the mission will eventually take more than 14,500 miles. It’s aimed at helping disabled veterans. “Our focus has been and always will be this: to provide financial support to those who have served in our Armed Forces and their families, the Nation of Patriots website says, “these individuals have volunteered their lives in the preservation, protection and future of The United States and all of its citizens. For this we are grateful.” Patriot Flag’s 48 state tour rolls on still.

Red white and blue brings attention to the issue. But it’s the donations that help the families directly the group says, “we work to unite Americans beneath the banner or Flag and behind the men and women serving in the Armed Forces. We raise money through our national network and distribute it directly to the families we strive to support. The families are selected for us mostly through the VA Hospital network.” You can also make donation on the organization’s website.

The flag has already been all over the country. But there are still plenty of opportunities to get involved. The Nation of Patriots has posted the full schedule here. It takes 110 days for the nearly 15 thousand mile mission. They hope to raise $250 thousand for disabled vets.



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